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"In bringing its performances into schools, communities and workplaces, Atelier Teatral Company has helped unleash talent and creativity within countless individuals and taught many in Poland the power of positive change. Hope to have the same experience in Denmark”

Managing Director
Polish Theater Community

Atelier Teatral is Hiring
We need some talented volunteer actors and actresses for our next performances in Denmark... If you are one of them try to do your best on CASTING! Click here for details


Actor's future is full of being dependent from other people and is a merit of the people we work with. Actor's life is a shared work of a group of people... so, our passion and experiences connected together creates something fabulous. There are so many incredibly talented actors and we don't even know about them. It's worth involving such people in plays, at least to let the audience see something new, what might surprise them - the style of acting that they have never experienced.


We are here to bring a new wave of people development for theater. We are committed to offer our performances for free to those who do not afford to pay as we believe the art is a part of life and everyone has the right to enjoy the art. We are aiming to provide the best ideas on managing amateur theater groups and actors, developing their performance with free training and professional teachers.

Founder and History

Atelier Teatral founded in 2011 by S. Enjavi in Denmark.



Atelier teatral has decided to perform "The Story of Elvira Madigan" in English language. The performance is scheduled for July 20, 2016 and the rehearsals will be one day a week during April and May. Join us, Help us!!!

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We seek continual improvement, grow with our members and groups and manifest excellent theater results.