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In common with other European countries, the most frequent and most popular form of theatre in Poland is dramatic theatre, based on the existence of relatively stable artistic companies. It is above all a theatre of directors, who decide on the form of its productions and the appearance of individual scenes. There is no strict division in Poland between theatre and film directors and actors, therefore many stage artists are known to theatre goers from films.
Alongside the many types of dramatic theatres whose basis is literature, there are in Poland historic forms of theatre in which spoken word is not the most important means of expression, e.g., visual theatre popular against state censorship, musical theatre, theatre of movement, etc. An equal popularity is being gained by theatres employing puppets, figures, or shadows; there is even a theatre of drawing as well as a theatre of fire.



    "In bringing its performances into schools, communities and workplaces, Atelier Teatral Company has helped unleash talent and creativity within countless individuals and taught many in Poland the power of positive change. Hope to have the same experience in Denmark”

    Managing Director
    Polish Theater Community

  • I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation for Atelier Teatral. While I was Artistic Director in Copenhagen, They directed professional, Don Ranudo. The production was extraordinarily well received and among the finest productions produced during my four seasons at that place.

    Jessica Brown


Our Associates

Atelier Teatral Poland, Denmark and now in US. Since 2015, Atelier Teatral Theatrehas been active in exchanging European artists and directors with the United States of America. Our brilliant director, Justyna Kostek has been so active by starring in New York Theatre in the past 2 years. 

Stay tuned for next adventures of Europen Theatre in US! Justyna Kostek in New York: Click Here

Are you an amateur actor/actress? We are hiring in both paid and volunteering departments. Please send your CV to: info@atelierteatral.com 



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